need help with redoing my cage setup


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I have a all screen viv. I would like to stop using substrate and just use paper towels. Do those get pretty wet after misting often do you change them. Im going to get more potted plants....what do you put in the pot for maximum absorbency. Currently my soil just gets so saturated after misting even though there are holes in the pot. Also I currently hand feed...but if I just do the potted plant thing is there a better way should I just put a few crickets in. I have a Senegal chameleon...female....that is probably around nine months old.


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you definitely need some branches and vines both horizontally and vertically placed for walkways. One of which should be placed about 8 inches below your basking area so your chameleon can bask safely and be supported by something sturdy to sit or lay on. Most use nothing in the bottom of their cages. I use nothing also, but I do not mist or drip water in my inside cages so I never have a problem with water! I do this outside everyday. When I used to do so, I placed a shallow Tupperware bowl below where my dripper would drip the water and I would change it out when it got full. Shallow enough, so if you chameleon fell or crawled into it it could climb out. Most of us use large river rocks on top of their soil.
How do keep the bugs away when misting outside. I have a problem with gnats how do u repeo them indoor and outdoor
I have seperate cages. I have indoor and outdoor cages. I am not sure what bugs you are talking about? I don't have any bugs bothering the cages when I mist.
Somehow whether from the plant or some bananas in the house I got gnats in her cage. Did a total clean yesterday but still there. I need to repot or get new plants. I looked on another tgread about type of soil, sand, and rocks to use. Also told about an organic gardening spray and fungicide that are pet safe and prevent infestation. So im going to the store to get all new stuff
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