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So as I can see that is not a palladarium. Which is good chameleons should not be keep in half aquarium half terrarium. Your soild is wet which is not preferable. I recomend reading as much as you can on bioactive soild until you feel conffident that you know what you are doing. in the mean whi take out the soild. Take out the moss. The "decoration" is wrong for chameleons. Chameleons need branches to use the terrarium space. without branches the air space inside their terrarium is just dead space. Get pot plants with branches which can support him like a lush benjamin ficus. umbrella plant, photos.

You need uvb ( I don´t know which brands are good now days, someone else has to recomend you a good brand). And regular daylight on top of that. Your temperature should be 27 celcius at the basking point and24-25 as ambient temperatur, or lower. Now at tnight you should aim for 15. you can get an ac to run during the night too cool down the air in the room the chameleon is on. What supplement are you using? how often btw? what are you feeding you anial? what are you gutloading the feeders with? take out the water bowl. mist once or twice a day hand mist is enoug. And have a fogger or a rain system go on a couple of times during the night. No lights or extra heat during the night.


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Our fear is dehydration. What should I fix to ensure that he is well taken care of. My husband literally gets up every few hours to check on him. If y'all say he won't dehydrate without the water dish it'll be gone. We put a 50 watt we had for night that we had leftover from a beardie set up. Temp is now 80 and 70 percent humidity. And he's still in the water dish. We move him and he goes right back. I'm going to check out that link. Thank you all so much for your time. But please any enclosure advice or anything we can do is much appreciated.
OK so let look at hydration in a chameleon. In the wild they would get their moisture from fog. In captivity they adjust to drinking from mister drops. This only solves half the issue. In addition to getting moisture from fog, you are also loosing moisture or retaining it better depending on the temp. So if at night it is 70f and only 70% humidity it is like a double wamy. Captive bread do better at this, but wild caught will not always drink enough. So we mitigate this by getting our night temps low, like 55-60 low if you can and run fog. With the fog it will depend on your set up, but you don't want pea soup. light fog just enough to get the humidity up. Cool Cool Cool I believe heat and over supplementation are the two biggest killers.


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We have lights at night because the house temp is around 70
There should be no heat at night. A drop in temperature at night is a good thing as long as it doesn't get too low. Jackson's should be able to take it down to 50F with no problem. Light at night will likely deprive him of sleep and affect his health.


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Male Jackson chameleon approximate 5 months old. Purchased from pet store after my panther passed. I've had him 2 weeks.he has stared laying in the water dish. This is not typical behavior! We have a automatic misting system that runs 30 seconds every hour and a fogging system which is ran 2 to 3 times a day. Ok, so there are several philosophies about hydration, but the one I follows is this: high (almost 100% humidity) all night using foggers/misters, or whatever helps you hit those specs. Make sure the Cham wakes up to a moist environments from which he can drink of the leaves, and add a dripper for a couple of hours in the afternoon if necessary. I dont mist or fog during the day. Temperature is 86 to 88 at the basking spot That is too hot for my jax. An ambient temp of 72 is perfect. If you are determined to provide a basking bulb, then temps should be 80 max for a couple hours in the AM—thats it. and 40 to 60 percent humidity daytime humidity can drop to 40 or less, nightime should stay close to 100. He eats 12 to 18 small crickets that are gut loaded with mazuri better bug and use calcium and reptivites on the crickets. I’m not familiar with all these products, but gutload with a variety of high calcium greens, and dust with a high calcium no-fat-soluble dust twice a week. At least that seems to be the safe levels for jax. No live plants you probably want to change this ASAP, as the benefits are miriad . Heat lamp is 100 watt and has uvb alsoInsufficient info: heat lamp seems excessive, but what kind of uv? . He's in a palidarium that is 18 w x 18 d x 36 tall. If there is anything more anyone needs to help me figure this out just ask. Thank y'all

please visit the chameleon academy for detailed species care sheets. Also, my website has info about how I keep my jax.


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Anyone else think that 12-18 crickets is too much? I don’t know much about Jacksons so correct me if I’m wrong but for my veiled, It Is only recommend to feed her 4-5 bugs every day/every other day. Correct me if im wrong all Jackson geniuses!


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I'm no professional by far. But I think Casque is on the right track. 65° heat bulb, no lights at night like Kinyonga says and hybrid enclosure would be great for a little more air flow. If you go with the screen enclosure which is perfectly fine. Just keep humidity levels up. It does look like a dehydration issue. But like I said I'm no professional. I'm more into the Veileds and Oustalet's chams. We'll the best of luck to you and your little buddy.


I am absolutely not even close to a expert. But I did have a lot of problems when I rescued my Jackson and still do have questions. If you click on my name then click my name again to see profile then go to posting and you will see all the amazing help people on here gave me. Just from what I read and seen in your cage you need help ASAP!


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I agree with what´s already said by @CasqueAbove, @Kaizen and @kinyonga, with this as an addition. There´re chameleon keepers that would love to keep this type of chameleons, montane species, however they can´t due the needed temperature drop by night. Nighttime temps need to be between 50-65, while daytime 68-75 therefore a 10 degree drop at night is almost a must. I´d take out the basking light and put in just a UVB fixture together with a led plant light, looking at your house temps of 70, the UVB fixture and led plant light will provide enough basking heat. For now he´s way too hot and therefore he´s in your water bowl, water conducts temperature 25x better then air, he´s trying to cool himself.

I´ve added the care sheet for Jacksons, this should explain some basics regarding husbandry. If you follow this care sheet, also the fogging and misting schedule you should be okay. However you need to do this quickly because you´re overheating the poor fella and doing him harm.


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The temperatures are a big issue. Sorry if I'm late to the thread. I use 40-60 watt basking bulbs. Juveniles get 40 watts to start and adult males the 60 watt. I try to stay under 83 F at the highest and only have my basking on for 3-4 hours in the mid morning and then only for 30 minutes at a time periodically thru the rest of the day.
You have to give them less of most everything you gave the panther. Less heat, less food , and far less supplements. They only get one dose of D3 and one dose of multi vitamin per month and calcium every other feeding.


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Just wanted to give a update of the progress so far. Okay so I literally took advice from everyone and I can not tell you how much I appreciate it. He has been on a lower watt (65). Added more branches and plants. Little harder to see him to check on him but he seems content. Doing no lights at night and running the fogger. Temp low was 60. He seems more energetic this morning. Once again all the advice was appreciated so much, thank you!


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Just wanted to give a update of the progress so far. Okay so I literally took advice from everyone and I can not tell you how much I appreciate it. He has been on a lower watt (65). Added more branches and plants. Little harder to see him to check on him but he seems content. Doing no lights at night and running the fogger. Temp low was 60. He seems more energetic this morning. Once again all the advice was appreciated so much, thank you!
It is crazy how much a "good night" can do for them. Throughout time I have had my share o temp issues and the one thing I have noticed, particularly after some warm dry nights, it is like they wake up with coffee lol. You can see the little pep in there step. It is funny. When kept correctly we don't get to see this so much. But we have all had to learn at some point.
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