Need help ...need help determining if my chameleons poop is the right color


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I need help identifying if my chameleons poop is the right color because I heard that if it’s a different color it means it has parasites please help...


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There's some undigested insects in there so his basking temp isn't warm enough. The white part is his urates. Better known as reptile pee.

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Maybe the fbi instillad a gizmo in your cham to watch you!!
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J.k. if you are worried take the feces to vet to have tested. The poo looks totally healthy


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looks totally normal and healthy. Does not mean you need to raise basking temps. Basking temps are based on their age and species of Cham. As stated the only way to check for parasites is to get a fresh poop and put it in a ziplock baggie and take to a vet to test.
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