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After much deliberation I've decided to give up my breeder male Neba. He's been a terrific breeder for me and in the six months that I've owned him he's produced me two perfect looking clutches. I cant wait to find out what his babies look like.
He's from Chameleonsonly's Isildur. Sadly Isildur has passed away and this is a great chance for somebody to grab some of his blood in an ADULT, PROVEN BREEDER, animal. At at the fair price of $350 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states.
He does have what looks to me to be a scar from an old burn on his stomach. When I bought him the seller neglected to inform me of this. My goal in selling any of my animals is to fully represent them....hence the heads up. The burn can be seen in the second pic. Its almost completely under his body right smack dab in the middle. If you'd like to see more pics of it I'd be more than happy to ablige. Just shoot me an email.
Also any other questions are welcomed and invited.

Again $350 shipped takes him. Thanks for looking.


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Hes beautiful. I wish I could afford to take him off your hands. I would definitly be interested buying him, but I have hardly no time, and my other chams take up my money as it is lol. :D

Good luck with the sale.

PS: I was wondering if you sold your Veileds yet?
Thanks Drake. I know what your talking about with the chams sucking up all your money too.....I really do. ha.
As for the Veilds. Balshazzar sold within a couple hours of posting him.....(I wish I would have asked more, lol) and supposedly there is a money order coming for the other guy. We'll see.....If it never gets here I'll probably end up sticking him up on here.
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