Nearly Done with Crickets? Getting Close!!


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So after a bit over a year of having been focused on expanding my feeder choices, I am to the point where I have the following sustainable feeders: Crickets, Dubias, Silkworms, Butterworms (buy them monthly), Phoenix worms (same), superworms, mealworms, 2 species of Isopods.

With the majority of my Chams now adults, I find that I am feeding them 4-5 times a week. As I rotate through the feeders, I have realized recently that I am no longer dependent on crickets as a primary feeder source.


Simply put, I hate them.....LOL

I will keep them of course as the smaller (2-3 week old) ones make great feeders for picky and smaller species and of course the pinheads are nice for neonates and such, but this great turn of events does beg a couple of questions surrounding supplementation that I would like to ask.

Assume the feeders are fed a high quality dry and wet gutload, to what extent would you dust the feeders?

Currently I dont dust silkworms, butterworms, Phoenix worms, or Isopods when feeding them. I do dust the others.

Does this seem reasonable? On my panthers I still get them their d3 2x month and vit 2x month and straight calcium when I feed roaches or crickets.

Anyhow, just sharing the fun news that I am no longer cricket dependent and looking for feedback on the supplementation.


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