Nature Finds a Way.


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I have been watching for my female to come into receptive colors. She has been kept cooler and moderate food and laid he last clutch of 30 in September 2020. So 10 months. Because of where I live the temp rises in the summer, so I was hoping for it to work out timing wise where she will only lay 1 small clutch a year. So far so good. What I wasn’t sure on is actually breeding. Well seems the call of nature is strong. Within 3 days of receptive my male made his way off his enclosure , out the room across the hall. Into the master bedroom and finally to the master bathroom. From there he was some how able to climb up to her enclosure. They were caught in loves embrace lol
Check the colors before and after.
A893EE9C-A045-4494-ACE4-7DFFD352EE64.jpeg 7178F103-1675-4AFF-BF61-4A8DB67C10D1.jpeg


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Always love to read such stories! When Bella was close to laying, I couldn’t keep her inside her free range, constantly roaming around the living room. After laying her eggs, she doesn’t even come to the bottom anymore nor does she leave her area.

You‘ll get some dedicated youngsters 💪🏻
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