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Naturalistic Vivarium Substrates for SALE at Josh's Frogs!
Josh's Frogs is known for our quality products, including our naturalistic vivarium substrates, many of which are made in-house. In business since 2004, Josh's Frogs has the experience and customer service to meet your needs!
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Josh's Frogs False Bottom
Presenting the latest in vivarium substrate technology - Josh's Frogs False Bottom. False Bottom is the ideal bottom layer of substrate for a living terrarium or vivarium. Josh's Frogs False Bottom is environmentally friendly, made entirely of recycled material, and light weight. False Bottom retains moisture and provides a void at the bottom of your vivarium for excess water to go. Using Josh's Frogs False Bottom in a naturalistic vivarium fosters a humid environment, healthy soil conditions, and superior plant growth. Josh's Frogs recommends using Josh's Frogs False Bottom in conjunction with Substrate Barrier, ABG Mix, Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss, and Leaf Litter.
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Josh's Frogs Substrate Barrier
Josh's Frogs Substrate Barrier is placed between Hydroton and substrate layers in a vivarium to prevent the substrate from pushing down into the Hydroton. The substrate barrier keeps the substrate drier, improving growing conditions in the vivarium, as well as extending the life of the substrate. The substrate barrier can be cut or folded to fit in your specific enclosure. Measures approximately 24"x18".
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Josh's Frogs ABG Mix
Josh's Frogs ABG Mix is a premium substrate for tropical vivariums. A precise blend of tree fern fiber, charcoal, sphagnum peat, long fiber sphagnum, and fir bark, this substrate is capable of lasting several years when used properly. Originally perfected by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens of Atlanta, Georgia, this substrate will support a sizable population of microfauna while allowing plants to thrive. It is a good idea to wet the substrate before placing it in the vivarium.
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Josh's Frogs Live Mosses
Josh's Frogs Live Moss is the perfect way to bring a piece of nature into your home. Under proper lighting and humidity, the live moss will green up and begin to spread, eventually creating a green jungle oasis in your vivarium that your reptile or amphibian pets will love. Live moss can be used as a ground cover, in conjunction with leaf litter, to recreate the floor of a primitive rainforest, or placed higher up in the vivarium to replicate a cloud forest. One thing's for sure - Josh's Frogs live moss is the boss!
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Josh's Frogs Leaf Litter
Leaf litter is an integral part of a naturalistic vivaria. It slowly breaks down, providing both organic food for the microfauna and plants in the tank. Leaf litter also provides hiding places and visual barriers for the larger inhabitants of the vivarium. It is the final layer in the vivarium. Leaf litter may consist of Live Oak, Sea Grape, Magnolia, or a combination of the three, or any other non-toxic leaf that is chemical-free. Typically, southern or tropical varieties of leaves are used, as these tend to be thicker, and take longer to break down in the vivaria. Josh's Frogs is committed to providing quality leaf litter to our customers.
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