Natural breeding season?


Hello, I have a quick question. Does anyone know the months in which panthers breed in the wild? I know they breed year round in captivity, but I thought it might be different in the wild because there are slight temp drops. I also thought there might be specific months because the eggs go through diapause, and there has to be a reason for it. Thanks, I'm just curious.


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I might be wrong, but I think one time I read that it was march/ April. I don't remember where I read it, so I can't be too sure if that's correct.


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spring hatchings

From what i remember from Barron's and AVS books: they hatch out in spring. however there are different seasons for different locales. totally different temps and rainfall. if in usa, and want to mimic, try mating in august or september. i know the first two weeks of august i had: 2 litters of jax born. two female blue bar ambilobe panthers get pregnant. 3 female veils get pregnant. 1 female nosy be was receptive but i didn't mate her yet (too young).
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