Naming Poll!


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Fírnen (pronounced "Feer-nin") the green dragon from my favorite book: eragon
Leafaen-a play on words of a name from eragon
Olly or oliver

to vote on a name just re-post it in a reply, or if you want to vote for multiple just put them in order of favorites like your most favorite to your second favorite and so on...

if you want to make a suggestion pm it to me

p.s. my personal favorite is Firnen
oh and i forgot to say that this poll will go on for 10 days (until the day i get my first chameleon), i wont remove any names tommorow but each day i will post a revised list in this thread of the names that have been voted for but ill be taking out the ones that dont receive any votes or have the least votes for that day

happy voting :)
if I were you, i'd wait until you see him. I planned to name my bd "Dutch", but when I saw him, he totally looked like Rocky =)
Im gonna go ahead and go with Firnen... that is one badass name. Itll fit even better if your little man has an attitude!
Firnen because it is a name no one else has that I know of. I have a Lenny and there is another member too. I say go with something completely original!
Haha I've read the Eragon series as well but its been awhile and I like Firnen and Roran a lot. But I agree stalincat and wait to see what your guys like and then decide. I went through many names before my cham got here and my girlfriend randomly spit out Renly, a name that I wasnt considering and it stuck!
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Fírnen (pronounced "Feer-nin") the green dragon from my favorite book: eragon [5 votes]
Olly or Oliver [1 vote]
Roran [1 vote]

i like these choices :)

you can bring back names from the first poll by voting for them
and dont forget to make suggestions, i know their are definetely alot of people out there that are more creative than me :)
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