Nails and Eyes


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I have a jackson chameleon and one nail is crooked and looks real bad probably from crawling on side of mesh cage. Also when i feed him i always squirt water in his cage and he comes over and drinks it, then after a few minute of this he sinks his eye into his head slightly an a big red bulge come out. any ideas whats wrong??
Have you filled out the How to Ask for Help form?

His screen may be a little small and the nails could be getting stuck, hard to say without pictures - was it possibly like that when you got him? Is he WC?

He may not be drinking because he can see you. Are his eyes sunken in? If not he is probably drinking when you are not looking.

Not a clue about the red bulge... is it coming from the eye?

Is this your first chameleon? Jacksons have never been my prime choice for a first chameleon.
I don't know about the nail, but from what you have described your chameleon is drinking and cleaning his eyes. Does the come out of the eye turret or is the bulg on the inside of the eye turret?
the nail thing is probably caused by his nails getting stuck but what can i do for that?

the bulge is under the skin and as he drinks more it gets bigger and bigger
I wanted to see the nail/foot so I could see if there was any swelling of the toes. If there is then you will need to have it looked at.
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