My two new additions.


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Here are my two new guys. You may remember my first thread last week, but as a bonus I got a second...happy birthday to me :D
This is the one I got last week, hes settling in really well

This is the guy I just got Friday
Nice to see...

I just love Melleri they are so cute esp as little ones! Good luck with both, looking forward to future updates!
I have decided I am getting mellers, hope I can do as well as you did, yours look great. Congratulations.
@Gensen, Thanks, there will be plenty :)

@ Lincoln, no I dont think they are, the seller said they could be though.

@ Laurie, thanks, I hope you do get one, they are really fun to work with! Good luck
All these baby mellers coming in are making me want to get some more. :)

They look good. Any names yet?
...and so my interest for these species increases:D....

would really like one but maybe next year:rolleyes:....need time to prepare:D:cool:

awsome juvi melleri:)
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