My Temp Veilid setup :)


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Ok I finally got my stand for my Temporary setup for my baby Veil that hopefully I will be getting soon. As soon as I feel he is eating good enough he will be transferred to one of LLLReptiles screen enclosures. Then I will add live potted plants and hook up my Mistking that I get.

Can you guys tell me if there is anything I am missing? I also have a large cricket keeper that holds up to 150 crickets.


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tell us more about the set up (lights, temps etc etc). front right side of the cage is that a rock, water bowl or a food bowl?


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The lights on the strip are 2-UVB 5.0 bulbs and the one in the metal hanging light is a blue daylight bulb, that one is suppose to heat up the habitat. Right now we are testing the lights and heater to check temp and it is slowly going up as I type. I know what my temps and humidity should be so I am working on getting those right before we bring home a baby. If there is anything missing that I need or something I don't need "Please" I need all the help I can get and I want everything perfect for our new guy. Thanks

Sorry edit to reply The rock looking thing is just a bowl.


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Could use some sort of dripper. Also I'm not sure if two 5.0 UVB is necessary. I am currently running one 5.0 and one 2.0 for UVA.


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a plastic dixie cup with a pinhole at the bottom works just fine.
i had a lil drippter but it just didnt "drip" like it should have. it was a stream for half the tub then wouldnt drip.

so now i just use one of them red plastic party dixie cups with 2 pinholes and it drips all day long.


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Thanks everyone. The thing I am having a problem with right now is keeping my Temps past 77 degrees? I had bought basking lights but I took them back because I was told I wouldn't need them and it would get too hot in a glass enclosure but now I am thinking I need one atleast.

I also read that inferred lights aren't good for Chams eyes but those red lights get real this true? Also my hubby is worried about leaving the heat lamps on while we are at work during the day, hes afraid of a fire starting :( What do you guys do in this case?
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