My Sambava


Just wanted to share a few pictures of Frank. I got him 3 months ago from an awesome forum member. Frank is the sweetest boy and is almost 2 years old-



He did not like the ceiling fan!
Thank you for the compliments!:)

He's got some awesome colors when hes in repose. His fired up colors are nice also. Any intent on breeding him?

I do have an unrelated female Sambava, but she is only 5-6 months old. It will be a while before I breed them. The sire of the female looks like Frank's twin!

Awesome. I want a male sambava too. Who did you get yours from?

I don't believe he is on this forum anymore, Frank was the only cham he had. His name is Sam, from NYC. I know someone who just had some Sambava hatchlings. If you are interested, please pm me.
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