My pygmy chameleon wont eat!


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I have tried everything! holding the crickets putting them down and I even let all the crickets go free into the cage! My environment is just fine with drippers and it has plenty of places to climb around! I got him yesterday and he is happy and drinking. i am feeding him pinhead crickets and small crickets. thanks for the help.
(p.s.) he is 1 year old

Put some more foliage in there and he will feel safer but give him a few days and then give us an update.
I know I'm new and what not, but when I got my first veiled he died from starvation. I tried every method of feeding, including trying to shove a mashed cricket in his mouth. The vet said he refused to eat because he was stressed. I had him for five days, and well it wasn't the most pleasant first experience. From what he told me, chams usually won't eat if they're stressed, especially if you have a stubborn one. Hope to hear an update on your guy
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