My pregnant chameleon has issues


I figured out my chameleon is pregnant from 1 week
Since then she trying to digging and lays eggs and suddenly stop and continue
It's her first time
I live in Saudi Arabia I don't have a lot of options about food and vets
So i feed her mealworms and she was normal until now she acting weird
It seems like she has trouble with breathing she opening her mouth a little bit and his chin looks weird
I'll attach a picture


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your girl is dealing with edema, that is the swelling around the neck. This could be making it harder for her to breathe. This can happen with females that are holding eggs.

Looks like she has MBD, metabolic bone disease based on how her limbs bend.

When they are trying to lay it is important not to disturb them. They can start and stop. How long has she been trying to dig? What is the substrate your using for the lay bin?

But if she is having issues laying then she could be egg bound which means she would need a vet.
Is she weak or still strong? If she is weak she may be egg bound. If that is the case she would need a vet that knows reptiles.
Unfortunately she start getting weak
i will see
i hope she will lay the eggs asap inshallah
thank you! I really appreciate it🙏🏻🙏🏻
Is your substrate moist enough to hold a tunnel?
When she's digging don't let her see you watching her...if she even is still digging.

How much were you feeding her a week in the last few months?
Please be specific.

Were you dusting the insects with supplements? Which ones and how often and how heavily for each? What UVB light are you using. please be specific...long linear tube light?

I agree with @Beman about her having edema and MBD.
Because she has MBD it also means she likely has weak muscles and will have trouble laying the eggs.
Spaying may be the only solution.
The MBD needs to be corrected too by bringing the nutrients back into balance.
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