My Precious Little Nosy Be Baby 9 days Old 2/25/19


Chameleon Enthusiast
He is so tiny and so sweet.







Chameleon Enthusiast
He is tiny and so adorable

Thank you Johnny!

Amazing pictures as always! I still think boy!

Thank you Matt!

Great looking little guy.

Thank you!

Oh wouldn’t it be fantastic to have his baby pic in the 2020 calendar!!! He is amazing!!!!

Thank you Becca! I may enter one of his baby pictures in the calendar contest this year.

Amazing photos as always Jan!! I think boy too. Cannot wait to see the colors come in.

Thank you Josh!

Aw yay another brother for Merlin! He will be very handsome then. Haha.

I’m sure he will be very handsome. ❤️

Thank you!

OH WOW!! So small and cute!

Thank you!
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