My Panther Chameleon

I would like you to meet Charlie my 3 month old panther Chameleon. I got him from a local breeder in town who I have been dealing with the last few years. I got my bearded dragon from them as well 3 years ago.
Charlie is still pretty scared and runs off when I do things in is enclosure. I move every slow and talk. Quiet to him. He has been with me now for 5 days. He doesn’t hiss or puff up at me when My hand is in his enclosure. Hope he will learn to trust me but I know it will be baby steps until then. I started hand feeding him the last couple of days just so he can get used to me hand and he takes its aswell then the rest I let him hunt.
He has a basking spot and the temp is between 80-83f and he has a Zoo Med 24” Repti Sun 5.0 UVB Bulb. Right know I must 3 times a day. I ordered the automatic mister and it will be here in a couple of days. I also have all 3 supplements he needs.
Any pointers on how to get him to trust me would be more then appreciated



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Time and patience are the tried and true methods. If you've already got him hand feeding in the first week, you're well on your way!
Thank you for your reply. Im very happy that he is taking it from my hand. I thought if he takes a few from me and realize that my hand is not a thread it will be easier for him to build that trust.


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Yep, you're exactly right! It's very useful to get them to associate your hand with something positive like food. Then they'll slowly stop treating you like a threat (if you're lucky).
I hope so too but I also know he might never like my hand. But it is still earlie and he is still pretty young. Wait and see I guess
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