My new K. Multi. Male


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Calmest chameleon i have ever saw. His name is Jimmy Durante.


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He looks pretty calm! I like his colors.

Have you had his stools tested? I'd be very surprised if you got a Multi WC that wasn't full of parasites. Let me know if you need help, I have treated for parasites many times.
Thanks but he is LTC, over 6 months i know of. Im sure i will need help here and there as this will be my main species kept.
Gotcha! Just be wary if you don't see any poop and it has been several days. I know you're trusting that he really is LTC but even if he can still run into problems.

The key is to really hydrate well. Give showers and make sure he has a dripper that will drip for longer than just 10 minutes. Make sure you know he is drinking!

I'm just trying to be helpful and I'm super excited we have another fan of Kinyongia!!!!
Nice looking boy!! I agree with Chad. This species loves tons of water!! I hope you guys have great success with your project:)
I hope for the best as well. Thanks again for the very helpful articles you sent Jared! Much appreciated!
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