My new enclosure


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this is my new enclosure, its a 18x18x36 from LLLreptile. I know the bottom should be clear, but my dad wanted to build the base for it. what do you guys think? is my jungle too thick lol i have like 6 different plants in there? feedback is appreciated!! this is for a panther which i'll be getting sometime next week. thanks!




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Looks good, I actually think you could add more foliage at the top! They like to feel protected so some fake plants in the corners at the top will make your cham feel more comfortable basking. The base is nice, but beware having soil in the cage. Hopefully it's organic soil but regardless you should cover any soil with river rocks bigger than your cham's head or window screen so your cham can't eat it. Eating dirt is pretty common, or can be done on accident when they're hunting and it can cause impactions or toxicity if there are any chemicals.

Nice looking cage though, your cham is going to love it! :)


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thanks! yea i have yet to put rocks in...and i might find a way to slide the cage further down onto the base so that the plants will be higher in the cage.
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