my new diy setup

shane dewar

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im still in the process of adding more plants( i know i need ones higher up) but please comment and tell me what you think

shot of the whole enclosure

close up of plants

26watt, 5.0 uvb light
You need to get rid of the coiled UVB light (it's said to be linked to blindness) and try and keep all lighting outside the cage!
What kind of coated screen is that? It looks like crickets could chew right thru that stuff. Also how are you going to view your cham thru it? It looks like its not going to give you a clear view of the chameleon. I would go ahead and change that stuff now before adding the cham. You just need plain old window screen for the sides and top. Also with that plastic stuff its going to be fire hazard around the hot basking lamp for your cham. If a hot lamp touches that stuff its going to melt and emit some god awful fumes. Replace that coiled bulb with a standard 5.0 uvb flourescent bulb and buy a clip on shop light and a 60 watt incandescent bulb for the chams basking lamp.
coiled bulbs in my opinion are a death sentence... mercury vapor bulbs though work fine and they are an all in one. but the coiled merc vaps are really bad
the coiled uvb light is not a death sentence, i use it and have been for a while now...nothing has happened to BOTH the chams I have/had under it.

make sure the uvb coil bulb is made recently and not the older uvb coil bulbs that had issues.

also...i would change the screen AND take the light out.

the light inside the cage is ASKING for problems. your cham can come to close and get uvb burns etc.

btw where is the basking light ? that uvb bulb doesnt put out heat, you need heat, uvb and uva for proper husbandry as far as lighting goes..
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