My new chameleon


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He was actually some what of a suprise adoption but I wanted him non the less. Not sure of exact age pretty small about 7-8". Really cute and very mean. He has bitten me four times already. It always amazes me how little a chameleon can be and still challange you. I will get some better shots of him and his cage but I am excited and just wanted to show him off.

jackson 003.jpg
Nice little one Jordan. Noticing any interesting behavioural differences from your Veiled?
Oh my gosh, thats very cute, I would love one of those one day. Had to keep my hands in my pocket at the reptile show to avoid buying one.
Well I got one more picture while he was in the kitchen waiting on his cage. He has eaten and drank. You can kind of see on his tail in this picture but he is now in a shed. I am going to leave him alone for another day or two before I get some more pictures. Make sure he adjust well he has been moved around a couple times this month so I hope he keeps doing well.
Tygerr every animal in my house wants to kill me except the turtle.
such a spectacular little guy you got there....makes me want a jacksons more and post more pics if you can jordan.
Tygerr that is a pretty rough link there. I like stuff that bites not invenomates so I should be okay. At least I can out run all of my pets in a worse case scenario.

I will try to post some tomorrow Tiesto. He has been doing very well so far, better then I expected.
Jordan, he is amazingly cute!

Tygrr, that's a great story! The "lair" the woman is carrying out looks like a terrarium with a sarracenia pitcher plant....wonder if the carnivorous plants got in on it :D
Well I got three more. I really suck at taking pictures. I took alot for me to even get these, oh well.

jacksony 003.jpg jacksony 012.jpg jacksony 014.jpg

I like the first one. It looked good but I had to crop it to fit.
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