My New Baby Ambilobe Cham!!!


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He was the son of Spock before you adopted him. Maybe something Vulcan?:p Glad he got there safe and sound!
Nice little one you have! I'm so happy for you. I must admit I do like the name Vulcan as well :) But maybe that is because I ride one ;)


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Nice! He looks like my guy! He shows more colors but Im waiting on my guy to bloom. Brian is great, very helpful to me.


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Yesterday I opened the cage and he came infront of me, looked at me and ran away after that hahaha
But i think he is getting used to me, he doesn't look so scared as the first day
yea my dude got used to his enclosure pretty quick. he was eating like 5 minutes after he was put in.


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And today i still not finished putting the plate with crickets and he was already eaten. He wasn't afraid
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