my MOOSE wont bite you.....TOO FUNNY! silly UPS

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this is to funny - today, I got a UPS delivery - we have a long drive- and I have gotten many delivery's, they always pull up to the house - well, the truck backed in, and stopped way up by the road? and it sat, and sat... I was standing on the side walk, wondering why it did not pull all the way down- then the door cracks open, and I hear " PUPPPY, PUPPPPPPPY - (kissy sounds) PUPPY"
I am standing there wondering if this person has lost their mind ! ?? I had put the dogs up= so there is no dogs anyplace - then the lady steps out and ask me if the dogs bite, I was like "well, what dogs? one is in the fenced woods, the other in the house" she says " the ones by the tree" I started to laugh - I yelled up the drive to her " THOSE ARE WOODEN MOOSE" - and no, they wont bite you-" this poor woman was SO embarrassed - LOL I have to say, from the end of the drive, all you can see are legs, and part of a head- threw the trees- so I guess if you were a delivery person, you may just think they are dogs- (4' tall dogs - lol ) it was so funny - I have not had much luck w/ deliveries recently - :cool:

here is the post about the moose -
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