My little ones :)

So I was having a bit of hydration problems with my chams (Orange in urate).
I decided to give them a "shower" and snapped some pics :)
Introducing Tiny Tim (Male) and Delilah (Female). Sorry for the bad pics, they were off a phone. Ive only had them for a week. Got these gorgeous specimens from Reptoman :) Thanks




Im guessing they enjoyed it. They were pretty friendly and mellow afterwards. I see some blue coming out on Tiny Tim. I can't wait to see how he will looks when he is older.
Welcome to Chameleon Forums. Congratulations on your new babies. They look to be enjoying their shower.
They do look like they are enjoying the shower. Keep me posted. I really want to see how "tiny Tim" develops over time. It took him a long time to hit his growth spurt but he is definitely catching up to his siblings.
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