My little Faly


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lol there is a big diff is this boys color an the others you all are talkin about.. if you wanna see this boys twin have a look at red islands boy. while this boy is still young unlike the others this is a powder red not floresent colors. if you look at rays youll see what this one is gunna end up lookin like, hopefully ray a see this an chime in..
oh yeah everyone askin who he got it from? its one of mine its a Kush boy, awesome shots steve as always keep em coming.. anyone whos got a male from me post pics i love seein how my lil babies turn out..

lol again this is a lil cham not 9months to a year old..
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Red Island

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I call it "red wash". Watching my male develop I noticed that wash eventually dissipates and "red rain" becomes more defined.

At this point my male has almost zero wash and more rain than he did before. This has to be a twin!

Attached pic of same male a few months back with same red hue... later on turned to rain.



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Hes lookin great steve love how hes comin along great thanks for the update pic an i look forward to seein more..


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WOW Steve!!! He is turning out amazing...more and more of that "pink" is turning into rain and it is looking for like the "storm" look :D
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