My guy turned yellow and orange!!

So I ususally take my Panther Cham, Happy, outstide every day from 5-7pm when i get home from work. He has an outdoor cage that he chills in for a few hours. Ususally its in the shade and its in the low 90's as far as temp goes. Today he turned a color I have never seen before!! The conditions were different as its the weekend: High 90's, sun out no clouds. He has branches and leaves to hide in within his outdoor cage, but when i found him all brightly oranged and yellowed up, he was climbing on the cage wanting out. He was warm to the touch when normally he is cool, as his normal colors are blue and green. As soon as he was brought inside his colors darkened to extreme dark green then he calmed down and went to his normal colors.

Can someone tell me what happened? Did he just overheat? As a photographer, just had to capture his change as it was breath taking as well as surprising.


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