My first Cham Chester


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Here are a few pics of Chester, he's an Ambilobe and almost 3mos old. He has a red mark by his leg, cuz I had the breeder hold on to him for me and he marked him with a marker to identify him from the other chams. Isn't he cool?


Welcome Drunkncrew.

He does looks cool. Has good coloring for his age. If you have any questions do not be scared to ask. Their are alot of panther owners in here.
I'm a little concerned that that marked him with a anyone else? I would have just set him aside in one of the containers i use for shipping.
The breeder actually owned his own pet store, but was doing some major re-modelling and had limited space at the moment. He said not to worry abou the mark, and it would come off soon. It's already starting to fade.
Well, I was just at our bi-monthly reptile expo. So I brought the issue of the marker up with a vendor.

A breeder told me that there are serveral safe markers to use. They are Not like conventional paper markers but leave a latex-like-sheet or something that painlessly dries and flakes of in a few days. I see it used a lot with sexing baby dragons because they sell so fast at expositions that the vendors dont have time to sex them all during the show, so they put a red or blue dot on the tail for male and female.
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