My female veiled chameleon i thinks she may be sick or about to lay.


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My female veiled chameleon has fallen from the cage twice today, she normally sheds twice a month, but hasnt shed in about 3 weeks, i feed her superworms, crickets, hornworms, daily, and occasionally a wax or butter worm but not often, normally she eats as soon as their in there, but lately i havent been seeing her eat, unless she has been while im not around.i havent noticed any difference in her appearence, besides when she fell today she turned dark and started hissing at me. earlier this month the hibiscus and ivy died so she hasnt had real plants for about 3 weeks, i'm hoping she isn't developing mdb, her uvb bulb is 8.0 but not a tube, she gets calcium powder dusted on her food, but by the time she gets to them i believe its already fallen off. she may be about to lay eggs im not to sure. i believe she is between 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 months old, if you could leave a replyabout what may be the problem please do, im ready to book a vet appointment but i would like a second opinion first. thank you
hello and thank you, yeah i dont want anything to happen to her so im taking every precaution, and i just purchased a foot tall bin for her, and sand, i already have moss, would you recommend sand or the moss soil, i havent been able to put it in yet, mygirlfriend has been feeding and misting here the last five days due to work so by the time i get home shes sleeping so i dont like to disturb her. and i will fill that out now
do you have a laying bin set up for her? Can you post some pics of her set up and her? Do you have a basking light for her?
I use play sand. I dampen it enough so that you can make a tunnel without it collapsing. Her needing to lay is def a possibility. Do you have a picture of her that you can post? Pictures with the information above will help a bunch.
health care sheet

She is a veiled chameleon,female i believe she is to be about 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 months old, i have had her for about 4 months now.
I will only handle her when i soak her in the shower which is about once and month and when i need to clean her cage which is once a week.

I feed her hornworms, i put about 8 in at a time, and she will eat them over the course of a week, i also feed her crickets and super worms, super worms are in a feed and she only eats them at designated times of the day, due to a schedule i got her use to, and she is not to fond of the crickets,and will only eat them at night.

I water her with a dripper that drips on the artificial plants into a water dish, and i mist the cage 4-5 times and day, yes i do clean the water dish daily or every other day. and i have only seen her drink once since i've had her.

Her dropping are solid brownish black and white liquid type surrounding it, she has about 1 bowel movement a day... she has never been tested for parasites.

history informations - she use to eat perfectly kept up with the schedule i had made, and never went over or under weight, she shed about twice a month, but in the last 3 weeks, she has stopped shedding, hasn't been eating much from what i can tell, but does still drink and poop. I figured she ate when i wasn't there, but she has fallen from the cage twice today and now i am very concerned.

Cage info.
She lives in a 3 foot tall all screen cage it is about 1 1/2 feet wide.

i am using a nocturnal infared heat bulb 100 watts, and a 100 watt reptile tropical uvb 5.0 bulb. which runs for about 12 hours a day 7am-7pm both bulbs are only 3 months old.

her humidity is usually between 50-70% i use 3 hydrometers each in different locations throughout the cage, i use my misting bottle close to the basking bulb to create the humidity.

her live plants died 3 weeks ago, but they were hibiscus and leather ivy.

My cage is located in an attic bedroom infront of my brightest window. there is an a/c that runs at night to lower the tempeture but i put a towel over her cage to block direct contact from it, it is also about 35 feed away from the cage. we live in a near none traffic residence.

i dust her food daily with zoomed calcium butr i believe it falls off them by the time she gets to them, and i also dust here food once a week with reptivite vitamins super stick formula with D3

i am located in midland, ontario canada.
there i didnt know how to upload them into a reply but i believe i got them onto my profile, sorry there not the best, they were taken in the dark due to her sleeping
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