My Female NosyBe Is Such a Chicken


Hey Everyone.

About a month ago I purchased a female nosybe to eventually mate with my male. My male is 9months old, and my female will be 5 months next week. (yes I know I have months before this is even attempted) Right now I think my male would think she is a meal.

My thing is I cant get over 2 things, the first is how small she is. I got my male around the same age and he was just so much bigger then her. The other thing is she is SSOOOOOOO skittish. Is that ever going to go away? I didnt handle her for the first 2 weeks of getting her. I am trying to start to get her use to being handled, but she goes nuts whenever I try, flying around her cage like she is under attack. And pretty much any time I come into the room, she flys up the screen side and hangs upside down on the roof of the cage, like a bat. She does have plenty of cover to hide, so why does she insist on hanging on the roof of the cage upside down most of the time? Will this stop?

The only way I do ever get to handle her is to genitally make a cup with my fingers when she is hanging upside down and she kinda lets go and rests in my palm. Then I can get her to relax for a second for a pic, and even though I can get her to rest on my finger, she always leans so far away from me. So I know she is just scared. She never tries to hiss, or bite me. But just very skittish.

She will be 5 months old on the 12th, and Ive been reading that, at 5 months they could possibly lay eggs. So I am assuming I should set up a laying bin. I just cant see how something so small could have eggs already.

Currently her cage is next to my males, But I have paper between them so nobody sees anyone. Here is a pic of my little girl. Does anyone think she is too small? When will I see a big size increase?

She is fed 10-15 small crickets daily, and I also put around 3-5 small superworms in her feeding cup that she eats.

Everything else seems fine, I guess I am just wondering why she is so small and scared at this point.

Female.jpg I will say my hands are pretty big for size reference. I am 6'2.

I also have not come up with a name yet, (Other then "big chicken") Any ideas???????
she does seem pretty small to me. I have female that just turned 4 month old and is about twice that size. What is your lighting and what gut-loading/supplements are you giving her?
My lighting is pretty standard. 60w for her heat. Repisin 5.0 for her UVB light.

I gut load with flickers orange, and cricket crack.

Daily suppliment of calcium with no D3. Once a month dusting of calcium with d3 and also once a month multivitamin dusting.

She eats and poops as normal.
Here is my 4mo female for comparison. You seem like you are doing the basics of feeding and lighting right. I feed my chams roaches though, but you would think it wouldn't make too much of a difference. I would assume as long as she is eating/pooping/active she is fine. Maybe she will go through a growth spurt soon. I would let an expert chime in though. Oh my 4mo female and 4mo male are anti-social too lol

Haha. Yea I see the familiar lean away look!

I can definitely see yours is bigger. Hmmm.

I completely trust the breeder I got her from. So there is no reason for me to think of any funny business.
Chicken Chams

I know nothing of panthers, but I had Jackson that would walk right up to me, then others that would hide. I presume a bit like people, they can all be different.

I'm not sure this is true. But chameleons seen smarter than other reptiles. They seem to sit and think, where as most other just instinctually react to something.

PLEASE no hate mail lol I love all herps
My 3 yo male used to be really scared. Even bit me once. Locked his jaws and wouldn't let go lol Now he is the most laid back docile thing ever. I even took him to my daughters 4th grade class and to a pet store once, because he seriously doesn't even care lol My two 4mo olds will run, puff, hiss, ect. Maybe she will calm down, sure hope my youngsters do LOL :rolleyes:
Your little girl is tiny, but cute. I have a 4 month old nosy be male, who is a big chicken too. We have had him for 3 weeks now, I haven't been able to handle him at all yet, he is so scared. He does the lean away, over the side of his perch thing a lot... I think some of them just take extra time to get used to their new humans.
1.0 Nosy Be
Side wayz

Hey, I have a 4 month veiled and he likes to lean all the way sideways on his horizontal vines to try and "hide" hes kinda fat so I can always still see him. ha but usually I can get him to crawl down on my hand from a virtical vine. He was way worse kinda like yours always in the top corner of his cage, death leaps from top of his cage into his ficus and such. but in the past month ive had him he seems to be getting used to us humans. Just be slow with her and im sure she will come around when she gets a little bitter. Right now you look like a 6'2 chameleon eating machine! also try wearing light brown shirts or more nutral colors. That helped "JAKE SULLEY" out a bit. apparently when I would wear black shirts he would see a black hole with arms reaching for him. Than would scare me too! haha. have a good one.
I highly disagree with her age, but that's just my thoughts. What does she weigh? And she will most likely out grow her shy/scared stage, all of my panthers were like that at a young age and sooner or later out grew it.
I was thinking the same about her age, But have no reason to not trust this breeder, I wont say any names but they are sponsors, and have been around for while. I dont know what she weights yet as I dont have access to a gram scale right now.

I keep my male is an 18x18x40 but have ordered a 2x2x4 for him that will come tomorrow. I am going to move her into his old 18x18x40 due to the fact of I want to have a laying bin in there just in case. I am thinking I am going to keep her in the 18x18x40 for good since females arent as big as the males.

I also ordered a MistKing system for both cages as my ReptiRain just broke... Now I get to think of a good drainage system. Ive read some good posts on this site already.
almost ate her own tail

So this morning I think she is finally coming around a bit. So I put a silk worm on her vine in front of her... She stared at it and walked completely around it by going upside down and looking at it from the other side, the only issue was her tail was still on the first side. She went to tounge the worm and got a bit of her tail. hahaha. She almost ate her own tail.

anyone else ever have that happen?? I wonder if she would of known she had her own tail in her mouth with the worm.
She will not be laying eggs anytime soon. You need to lookup sizes of adult females to see that your female is not sexually mature by any means and will not be laying until at least over 50 grams.
3 weeks later she is still a big ole chicken. She is completely the opposite of my male. Within 2 weeks of having my male, he was not scared of me and would eat out of my hands. She still will not eat from me, or when I am around. She still hangs upside down from the top of her cage. Which bothers me a ton because she gets by the light and could burn herself, and she is in a 18x18x36 that has plenty of cover for her to hide, I dont get the upside down hanging anymore.

I know she is eating and drinking, and she just shed the other day so she is healthy....

Trying to get her out to handle her she spazzes out and almost kills herself. I just dont get it. Then when I do finally get her out, she just stands on her back legs leaning as far away from possible from me.

I am wondering if Fedex played soccer with the box she was shipped in.

BLA! Guess Ill never understand women.. haha. Lizard or human!!!!!
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