My Crew

This is my Jackson's, thus far he doesn't have a name. Any suggestions would be great too:

This is Rigamorty, He's a 3.5 month Veiled:

This is Cadaver, 8 month old female Veiled:

And, last but not least, this girl just came to us yesterday, husbandry conditions were horrible, but all in all, she's in pretty good health, she doesn't have a name either:

Thanks for Looking.


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i thikn that you should name u jackson rhino because jacksons always remind me of rhinos hahah and i love the cute veiled girl and im glad to hear ur saving another and your boy looks like hes gonna be big. GREAT COLLECTION


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My females were named lizzy and chameal and my male was spike. I have a male and female now and they don't have names:eek: I don't know what to name them.
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