My chameleon will not eat, and is very sluggish


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I have a male Jacksons chameleon, who was recently brought to the vet and given medicine for an infection in his mouth. He has just been spending time below the heat with his eyes closed. We tried to force feed him like our vet suggested, but we just cannot get his mouth open.


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Post couple of recent photos of him please.

Was the infected re cleaned out?
How recent was it that he went to the vet?
What medication was he given? Is it oral or injected?
What are you trying to force feed him?
I don't believe in force feeding unless there is no choice?


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The infected area is cleaned out, we just cleaned out some more a few hours ago. He went to the vet on Wednesday, 3/17. He has oral medication, and we are trying to feed him wax worms which is one of his favorite.
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