My chameleon seems over weight to me


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I’m a new chameleon owner, I’ve had this girl for about 7 months now. I just want to make sure she is healthy. How would I weigh her.

She eats about 5-6 dusted crickets 3-4 days a week so every other day. I put a few greens like iceberg or Romain in weekly (5 small bite size pieces) and maybe 2 mealworms a week.

She has a humidifier thing as you see for her water that runs about 6 hours during the day at least and 5 hours at night. I also spray her once a day to ensure she gets a good bath if I see she hasn’t done it herself.

She has her heat lamps at a great temp.

And no real plants in her cage at this time I couldn’t keep them alive for some reason.

I just want to make sure I’m doing this right and she looks healthy to y’all. I’m not new to reptiles as I have two ball pythons but the care is so much different.

She also gets real sun out doors once a week when I clean her cage for about 1.5 hours


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Looks like you may have a few opportunities for improvement, if you could fill this out we can help you get her husbandry right!

Please fill out the “how to ask for help” form and post your answers back here. Quality pictures will help us help you.

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just commenting on the plants. seems to me the environmental needs for a chameleon and a plants are similiar (warmth, lighting, water/himidity) are perfect for eachother. Pothos are very hardy IMO. I also find live plants leaves hold water better for drinking opportunities. Just my 2 cents. Ill let the other experts comment on her possible weight issues.


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What exactly do you mean by "her heat lamp is at a great temperature"? Last time I checked, "great" is not a number. In order to help, we need specifics. A lot of people come in here saying "my husbandry is perfect," without giving any specifics - and almost every time they do that, it turns out that important changes need to be made
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