My Chameleon is fine with being handled


I’ve posted something like this 2 months ago or so but I was told he will eventually hiss. He has not hissed at me but once at my mom and sister. Should I be concerned or just be relaxed? Thank you (^o^)


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Being slow with your movements helps keeping them calm. If I move to quick Ares will puff up looking pissed off. When I got him he didn't want anything to do with me. He was just a baby. When I move slow he's very calm. I can tell he is much more excepting when I'm in the cage to clean. Getting a Cham as a baby helps. Hoping he will want to come out onto my hand when I present it to him. It's a slow process.


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Mine gapes at me at some point just about every time I handle him, he has never attempted to bite me. This is usually if he's about to walk off of the end of my hand and I need to grab him with my other hand, or when I hold him lower than my eye level. It's definitely the luck of the draw with friendly/aggressive chameleons. Between a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most aggressive, I would place mine at a 4 or 5, while you probably have a 1.
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