My chameleon HATES his misting system.. what can I change?


So Ive got a Jewelspray misting system. It is set to a timer and goes off 6 times a day for 30 seconds.
I have two chameleons connected to this. One is fine with it, and starts drinking as soon as it turns on. He moves out of the way when the mister is in his face.
But the other one has a problem. When he's sitting in front of the nozzle and the system turns on, he just doesn't move out of the way of the water???
So he just sits there, closes his eyes, and waits for it to turn off again. I am guessing water goes into his nose and its uncomfortable for him.

So he hates this thing now, or maybe he is scared of it, I dont know.
The system is set on a daily schedule, and I think he knows when its gonna turn on.
Because every time 10-15 minutes before the mister turns on, he starts scratching his cage wire (reptibreeze) like crazy.
He goes to the bottom of his cage and hyperactivley scratches the wire, untill the misting system does its cycle or untill I open the cage to let him out.

I feel bad about this. He must be stressed. The nails on one of his paws are quite short now, as well as the front of his nose.
Also his little mittens scratching drives me batshit insane.
What can I change? they have had this mister for their entire life.
The cannot go without it, as I am at work a lot during the day and the humidity here is too low on its own.


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I always had my mister on the outside of the screen pointing in. Not as intense, but plenty gets through while droplets form on the screen like rain.

I would do 2 long mist sessions, IMO a bunch of short ones are almost useless. My chams were always in rooms with natural window light, so before the lights turned on, but after the sunrise(so it was dim in the room) I'd have my misters go off anywhere from 7 min to 2 hours(lol for parsonii). It's cooler early in the morning and my chams seemed to enjoy the more natural feeling rain shower than being blasted in the middle of the hot day. Chams like time to be able to bathe and drink. Often mine would take several minutes to even react to the water. I also did a 2-5 min misting right around lights out time to raise the humidity for the night.


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I'd also suggest increasing the duration to 2-3 minutes and decreasing the frequency to 2x a day. Unless you live somewhere that has a dry climate, this should be fine. Perhaps try angling the nozzles in a different direction. I haven't heard of a Jewelspray mister but the MistKing has a superrrrr fine mist that doesn't seem to bother chams.
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