my chameleon hasnt poopped

ya she does eat plenty i think shes has eggs cause shes really fat in the stomache u see i would take it to the vet but theres only one problem the closest vet is like 4 hours away
nah ima go get some sand today though then i guess ill just have to wait and see isnt it play ground sand or wat is the substrate u use for them to lay eggs
sounds like a good idea, and i have no idea what people use for their chams to lay eggs in, i'd like to know myself tho.
Inferno, consider the "possibly laying eggs" a life or death situation like it is. If you have any reason to think a female veiled might be producing eggs, this isn't time to be nonchalant about it. This is the reason Female Veileds are said to have only a third of the lifespan of males, because people won't take care to educate themselves about this sex, because for all care purposes, they might as well be an entirely different species!

There are plenty of RESOURCES online. You don't have to wait inactively for replies while the answers are out there, very available, free of charge. In fact, many are written time and time again on this forum in older thread that can be searched using the FAQ link right above the logo at the top left or the search function in the center. This sites homepage even has a link section to resources on the left menu. Your info is right in front of you, depend on people to spoon feed you and you and your chameleon will suffer the consequences.

Active ongoing research is a responsibility that you took on when taking in such a creature. Knowledge is your tool- it's past the time you should use it.
How old is your cham?

What are the details of your set-up? Temps, humidity, what feeders are you using, how much water are you giving her? What sort of substrate do you have in the cage?

If your cham hasn't pooped in over a week it could be a serious problem. It's not a normal occurrence - especially if the cham is still eating well. I would really make a plan to get your cham to a vet. Even if there isn't anything serious wrong, it would still be good to have a check-up especially if she is carrying eggs.

If you need further info about creating a laying site for your female, read these articles:
this isn't time to be nonchalant about it.

Well said, Will. Just like getting the right lighting, caging, food, supplements etc., it is important to make sure you have access to a good vet before you keep one of these animals.
And the wealth of good literature out there will tell you that.
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