my cham is sick


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* Your Chameleon - male pygmy chameleon, unknown age, in care for 4 months
* Handling - Very little
* Feeding - Store bought feeder crickets and fruit flies on occasion
* Supplements - Fluker's Calcium + D3 dust twice a month. Rep Cal dusting on all crickets
* Watering - spray by hand 3x a day, sometimes more. humidity around 50-60%
* History - pygmy was purchased from a local GOOD pet store ~4 months ago. Last few days i have not observed him eating or drinking. yesterday he stayed in the same spot on the bottom of his cage. today he is very weak, cannot grip and falls off of vines. eyes are closed.

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - zoo med 18 18 24 glass terrarium
* Lighting - 8 am to 9 pm, sun glow. night, heat emmitting bulb.
* Temperature - highest day-76, lowest night,69
* Humidity - 50-60%
* Plants - Live plant is a pothos. have fake plants as well.
* Placement - my bedroom, on a tv stand, next to a heat vent
* Location -northeast
i dont really know anything about pygmys but i dont see a multivit in your supliments, could be vit a defenciy
my d3 powder has vitamins in it, it is specifically made for chams. he is worse. his eyes are sunken, he is obviously dehydrated, he is a dark brown, almost black. is there anything i can do to save him????
if his eyes are sunken in he is dehydrated. i would get him in the shower with lukewarm water asap. let it trinkle over him for about 20-25 minutes. make sure he can hold on first. you might want to move him away from the heater vent. that air is really dry and inst helping. set-up a drip cup (plastic cup wit a hole in the bottom) as a dripper for addtional hydration
While showers are good for bigger chams I would not put a pygmy in the shower! If he doesn't get washed away or drowned that could be extremely stressful and this little guy is already on the edge. A dripper won't help if he's not moving around so you need to mist with warm water very frequently, but not so much that he's always wet. They need small amounts of water and he should lick up water droplets slowly as they fall on him.

Unfortunately there is not much you can really do to rejuvenate this species when they are doing poorly. Messing with him too much is just going to stress him out further and he doesn't need that. As a wc cham you don't have any idea how old he is and even though he's new to you they only live around 2 years so it could just be that he is geriatric and it's his time. Keep his temps right and try to keep him hydrated without being too aggressive - that's about all you can do unfortunately. I hope he pulls through for you!
Thanks ferret. Unfortunately i don't think he is going to make it. i just checked up on him and he was on his side, barely breathing. my other three are ok, they are two females and another male (in a separate tank).
Brevs are notorious for doing fine for a few months and then just crashing suddenly. They just don't live very long to begin with and we don't know what happened to them before capture, during importation, or before you got him. And they're so fragile and tiny there's just not much you can do. :(
I have a three stage shower head that allows me to adjust the pressure. There is a mist setting that works great on smaller chameleons. It's almost like a mist nozzle it makes a cone of mist. I should have made that known.
I think he is dying-what can i do?

He is a bearded pygmy cham. He is so weak now, he can't support himself, and he often falls onto his side. how can i help him? is there any hope? if not, how can i make him comfortable?
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