My cham doesn't wanna eat ?


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Hi guys i don't post much on forum but i do read a lot.But today i have to ask my cham 9months old doesn't wanna eat no cricets no silk worms or waksworms he drinks water he sims happy moves around cage everything is ok just doesn't wanna eat i saw him yesterday he got just one in the that normal? plz help
how many days has it been? Has he pooped recently? I have had times where my last cham was not hungrey. I just waited a day and put a few crickets in there and she ate them. Make sure the food is a comfort size. Also if you have to many crickets in the cage they can upset your cham. If it has not been over a couple of days than I wouldnt panic. I am just giving past personal experience. I dont like responding to posts like this cause I am by no means a doctor. Also stick with what he or she always eats as a staple for a while. You also are going to have give much more info for others to help. Cage, TEMP, ..ETC...
good luck..hope it is nothin to sweat:cool:
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