My cham cant catch his food


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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon - Veiled, Male, had for 5 months, is about 6/7 months old
* Handling - Quite often, he is happy to come out onto my hands once a day
* Feeding - He eats crickets and locusts, only locusts at the moment as he is turning his nose up at crickets, he has 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, gutloaded on watercress, carrot, apple.
* Supplements - Nutrobal, dusted on the morning feed.
* Watering - Misted twice a day and takes water in an evening dirsct into mouth
* Fecal Description - Brown firm and white urine, Not been tested for parasites
* History - None that i can think off

Hi i wondered if anyone could help me, i bought my veiled in Nov and he's always been fine, but just recently i have noticed that when he darts his tongue out for his food he is missing it, kind of like the sticky end isnt working, i wondered if he only halfhearted going for his food and this is why he isnt catching or could this be more of a health issue?? Thanks Sarah
You need to fill out the rest of the form-it is important to know what your lighting and temps are. It appears that you are only using a multivite too much and are not using a calcium supplement. Tongue issues are often related to MBD-and this is caused by improper lighting and/or supplementing.
Nutrobal...Contents per gram: 200mg calcium and 150IU D3 plus vitamins A E K B1 B2 B6 B12 C, folic acid, nicotinic & pantothenic acids, biotin choline inositol niacin and minerals Na Fe Co I Mn Zn Se Cu.

It might have prEformed vitamin A in it which can build up in the system...but since it doesn't list how much is in it there is no way to know for sure.

Vitamin A, D3, calcium and phos. all need to be in balance for good bone health and for other systems in the body as well. An imbalance can affect the tongue usage...but there are other things that can affect it too...such as injury, infection or even dehydration.

What UVB light do you have on the cage? Does the light from it pass through glass or plastic?
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