My carpet chameleon setup, tips, criticism


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Hi guys, so my chameleon is on its way here and i have been working on his cage tonight abit, kinda wanna know what you guys think bout it and or should i do about anything. tips criticism what ever ill take it lol :)
so heres the cage:
Side view
and my little bugger :p

Now i know pothos are rather small still but they been thriving. so i might need a month or so, for them to start covering bamboo.
I like it! Yea, pothos grows like a weed, you just have to tie the vines upwards along the bamboo and it'll keep growing upwards. I'd say that you have room to add more bamboo but I think we all keep adding to our cages anyway, it's always an evolving process.

Enjoy your little carpet, they are cute as buttons!
looks good to me and when the pothos grow in theyll be geat looking. i may stel some of my sisters lol she has some with 13-14 foot vines coming off if them they go from the top of our stair all the way to the floor with room to spare lol
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