My cage is Done! Finally!


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Hey guys. Finally finished my cage. Completely ready to go.. i hope.. Here are the pictures of it. Let me know what you guys think.. One question. I can't seem to get the humidity below 60%.. is that bad?? how can I lower the Humidity? I am getting my Cham tomorrow!! yay! Thanks..

Cage Details: 27x27x48.. 1 Live Plant. 1 fake plant. 4 Vines. 75 Watt Basking 20 Watt ReptiGlo 5.0...
Done Cage Front.jpg
Done Cage Down Angle.jpg
Done Cage Basking.jpg
Done Cage Top View.jpg
Done Cage Top View 2.jpg
I like it. That Dracaena glows nicely under the light. I would not be concerned at all with lowering the humidity. What kind of chameleon are you getting?
High humidity is the goal. As long as the cage gets a change to dry from the misting/dripping water every day, you'll be gold. You cold put even more plants in there, or branches of dried wood.
One quick thing I would like to metion about building your own cages is the Finish on the wood. Make sure you use something that is non-toxic, and If it gives off fumes, make sure you leave it outside in the sun to dry and evaporate the fumes. If you dont do this, you could have a problem with fumes coming off the wood when you apply the heat lamp that can make your cham sick. Just a little word of advice.

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