My boy is growing up!


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Check out Curley Taylor. He's getting big quick. Attached a baby one to compare.






Time span ?

What was the time span between the two pictures ? My baby, looks like your baby picture...I'm just wondering how long until he looses that "baby" look !!!

Beautiful pics, BTW !!!
Thanks! Those pictures are about 3-4 months apart. When I first got him he didn't really eat all that much. But once they really start eating, they start growing fast. He eats 10-15 large crickets a day, along with some wax worms sometimes.
Does he squint his eye like that a lot? I have 2 Veileds and only 1 does that and it is the male also. I have worried about it for quite some time now but some days he doesn't do it at all.
when misting mmist him in the face and right in his eyes so he can clean them i find if i dont spray my female direclty she will look all stoned outa her face so try that otu see if it works
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