my baby isn't looking so good


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I recently bought a baby nosybe panther chameleon from a member on here and I noticed he hasn't really been eating the dubias I provided him, in his bowl. but I would notice a few gone from time to time.. he was drinking fine so I just waited it out to see if the food would slowly disappear.. but I looked at him while he was sleeping last night and noticed how skinny he was... and today, he's been very slow and not really moving much... im getting worried... I bought some crickets just now, so hopefully he will eat them when they get here.. but for now, what should I do? any suggestions? im using my cellphone so I can't upload a picture but I have a picture of him I posted earlier on my instagram... please check him out and let me know what you think I should do...

my name on instagram is - beeek0

sorry I couldn't provide a picture...
I would get some more feeders in there ASAP: Crickets mealworms hornworms or silks. Dubia are not always readily accepted by chameleons and if you haven't seen him eating them it's possible they are just escaping the cup.

I have a few that straight up refuse them dubia, no matter how hungry they are!
I will second drcrossfire.

SOme chams, hate dubia.

I have 4 adults, only 1 will eat dubias. the others would sooner starve and die than touch one.
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