My baby girl succumbed to her injuries...


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I've had my little girl for about 3 and a half months now. She was in the process of laying when she fell from her high branch, landing on some branches on her side where her eggs were internally. She became bright yellow with black spots before I caught her out of the branch. When I picked her up, she began to convulse heavily and then laid there with no energy. I held her almost all night before I had to sleep. When I awoke this morning, she was weak, almost no life to her. I knew it was to be her time so my husband and I held her until she passed not even an hour later.

We Just buried her; this was my first cham so I'm really heartbroken.

Any love or condolences that you could send my way would be appreciated.

Thank you for listening, guys. <3


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I am sorry for your loss. Our family is sending you lots of love and support. It's always a huge tragedy when a cham is lost.
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