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This is my first time posting here:D Hope you enjoy!


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He is very handsome! Is there a reason why you do not have your basking light on? Also, is it red? If so, change it out to a white housebulb.
Thank you! The basking bulb isn't on because it's a bit too bright for the camera, you can't really see clearly when it's on. The basking bulb you see in the photo is a daylight basking bulb, I also have a red bulb placed elsewhere. :)
Welcome to the forums and glad you decided to post. That's a very handsome boy with some gorgeous colors! What's his name? Oh, and red light aren't recommended for chams. ;)
It should be totally dark at night, no kind of light at all and a good drop in temps of at least 10 degrees.

Oh, thank you for telling me that! Lots of people use red heat bulbs at night for their chameleons in Hong Kong, guess I was misguided. I'll stop using it now:p
Yes, any sort of light is not recommended at night. It messes up their sleep cycle. Total darkness and a drop in temps are all you need.
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