My 4 month old veiled is restless!


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Hey there fellow chammy lovers,

This is my first post - I couldn't find a straight answer by searching other discussions. My little guy have grown quite a bit since we first got him as a 5-week-old baby. He seems to be very restless most of the time which is evinced by him climbing all over his cage and pushing at the walls & ceiling. He seems to want to get out of his cage so much that he often overlooks his feedings (This is what is really worrying me).

We have an enclosed window where we've set up vines and sticks for him to climb on as sort of a second hangout. This is usually where he seems to want to go. This made me assume he wanted a bigger space, so I went and bought a Benjamina Ficus tree and planned to have an open setup. The problem is that he still seems pretty restless in either of these open places and eventually crawls off of them in order to wander around my apartment. I'm thinking he might feel too exposed out in the open but would a large terrarium be the answer?

-My chameleon is a male, 4-month-old veiled which has shown very good health and predictable behaviour so far. It's only in the last week that he has shown a fevered desire to leave his quaint mesh cage. (for the last 1.5 months he would make little visits out of the cage for an hour or so at a time)
-We have been feeding it mostly crickets which are gut-loaded and dusted with vitamin/calcium supplement. Occasional worms.
-We Use a powerful UVB and heatbulb combo over his living space.
-His poops and urinations have gotten smaller and more dark

Is it just a big cage I need?


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Usually when they claw at the sides of the cage it does mean that they want to get out or feel to cramped, maybe if you rearrange his cage he might feel better? I've heard that that might work or just move his cage to a different location.
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