Multiple urates in droppings


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Lately the last two times my chameleon has pooped there have been multiple urates and poop itself. The first urate always comes out white on top then changes to redish and the second urate is typically the same redness. She does drink water during the day -misted about four times a day and drip system 3-4 times a day for 5-10 minutes of dripping. She is fed crickets w/ calcium powder and then calcium w/ D3 and multivitamin every second week alternating. We did have her into the vet in August and they determined she had eggs through x-ray and she still hasn't laid them although the bumps above her legs are gone and she is eating, drinking and walking around normally.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Previous post about eggs are in the link as follows along with post 'how to ask for help'
poop should turn from white to yellow to orange if its dehydration. Red is something else. First lets determine if its blood or coloring. Is it still bright red several hours after pooping or does it turn dark brown/black. Blood will always turn brown/black, coloring from feeders/supplements will not change color.
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