Mulberry farms/Other feeder suppliers?


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I've used Mulberry farms for years, but lately it is just happening too often where I can't get my feeders from them for weeks. I can't count on them to have what I need when I actually need it. Sucks since they were top notch for the longest time. They have real clean feeders, healthy, ready to use on arrival. I am hesitant to look elsewhere.

That said it doesn't do me any good when they don't have what I need in stock for weeks.

What other suppliers are being used by the community here? Any contact info?
Yeah I should have clarified I was referring to silkworms and Dubia roaches. I just visit my local reptile store for rodents and crickets.

I just ordered with Costal Silkworms.... I'll give them a try this one time. I've used Mulberry for years and really don't like switching vendors.
I prefer coastal silkworms for my silks and horns

I use smallpetfeeders a lot as well.

ANd for crickets.
Same problem!

I have been trying to get silkworms for weeks and mulberry has been out just like you I just put in an order to coastal silkworms for some silks, and hornworms only thing they didn't have that I wanted to get from mulberry were phoenix worms...oh well I order plenty of silks instead!
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