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I live in Jacksonville Florida and recently decided to move with my family. Unfortunately I won't be taking Kiwi (my chameleon) to Costa Rica. The shipping and handling will cause her to much stress and its so much money. I am looking for some one that can care for her. She is a Veiled Chameleon only 3 months old. She is healthy. I would sell her with her enclosure and everything included. $300 for everything. If anyone has any ideas on where I should post her please comment.
- UV Lights
- Night Light
- Enclosure
- Fake Plants
- Real Pothos Plant
- Cricket Box
- The Little Dripper
- Humidity and Temperature measure
- Repti Calcium
- Reptisafe Water Conditioner
- Wipe Out! Terrarium cleaner



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Just a heads up, it's likely an admin might move this thread since I don't think it belongs in the Feedback section.

As for finding places to rehome, you can always post in Facebook groups or on online classified pages like Craigslist.

I live in Jacksonville as well, so you could also check with the two good exotic vets in town to see if they know of anyone wanting a chameleon, or perhaps they can place an ad in their offices:
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