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I am already afraid I know the answer to this, but I'd figure I'd still ask.

I have a male Jackson somewhere between 3-4 years (though not sure as he is a rescue). I am currently in Texas, but will be permanently relocating to Switzerland. I know I'd have to get permits from Switzerland, but do I also need to get them from the US? Would it be a ton of money and time making it unfeasible? Would it cause him too much stress? Would he have to be quarantined? And is it even possible to fly/ship him out there?

I will say he's flown from Hawaii to California, and a year later was moved to Texas with a four day drive, and he did very well.

If I have to make the decision to re-home him for his best interest, because I love him so much I would do that. But he means everything to me and it will utterly break my heart to do so. He's gotten me through so much, but I just can't do wrong by him.

Thank you for any advice and thoughts you have


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I have little experience with this but I’ll tell you everything I know. I could be completely wrong about all/most of this. Don’t take my advice only though. Do your research and ask tons of questions with whoever you talk to.

Make sure the species is not listed on CITES then fill out a US fish and wildlife certificate of origin (I believe that’s what it’s called.) Mark the box CLEARLY with the # of animals and their scientific AND common names. Find an airline that’ll ship them, (I believe we used Delta at the pet store) and make sure you tell them what you’re doing and what you’re sending out and follow any instructions they give you. Your best source for finding everything you need to know is:

It’ll be a LOT of work and fairly expensive. But it is doable. My friend moved somewhere in Europe and the local pet store I work at helped us a ton. Hope this helps a little bit and I hope you can take your buddy with you!
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