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I built a 48x32x32 outside house for my little dude. As the spot I chose doesn't get much direct sunlight if any, is there anything that I should change? Right now I dust his food daily with rep-cal calcium. On Saturday I switch it up between miner all (inside, I will be switching to miner all outside) and rep-cal herptivite. I have a uvb 5.0 and and a regular bulb for basking as well as a misting system. I also have 2 ceramic bulb heaters and theyre set with a thermostat that will turn on if it gets to cold, i set it so that if drops below 67 they'll turn on.
So, my question is, what else do I need or should I change? One more edit! He's a panther cham.
If you're keeping him outside he won't need the lights, UVB or basking, unless your temps don't get above 85. You won't need the ceramics until the temps get below 55.

Do you have a pic?
No pics yet as its not totally set up. So no lights eh? Even though he won't be in the sunlight.. well he's in the sunlight just not in the direct sunlight and from where its set up, year round I don't think it ever will be. Just interesting, alright. Makes the electric bill a tad bit cheaper lol. And 55? Again makes my bill a bit lower :) I had just thought that they needed 65 ish? And above of course. I'll post pics when its all set up. Oh I forgot to mention I have 4 live plants in there, 2 umbrella a ficus and a croton... maybe another ficus. Oh PS about lighting, what about a bulb for basking?
Basking depends on your local temps. If it's 90 degrees, he won't need the additional heat. If he's exposed to the sun, directly or indirectly, he'll still get the UVB that he needs. The uv rays bounces around. Even on cloudy days you can have uv's.
That sounds good. I'll probably have one of them in there any way just so he can read lol.. or so I can see in there, its a tad dark. Everything else looks OK though? Around here sf bay area, its between 65 95... most year round cept the winter where at night it can drop to the 30s and he'll come inside
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